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Welcome to the next generation of IV Therapy marketing. We're ecstatic to present our revolutionary digital marketing automation system, meticulously crafted for IV Therapy owners like you. This isn't just another tool; it's the key to unlocking unparalleled growth and success for your business.

Unleash One-Click Efficiency with Our Cutting-Edge System

Experience the Power of One-Click Automation: Dive into a universe where automation meets efficiency. Our system boasts a vast library of ready-to-use automations, campaigns, and workflows. Say farewell to the tedious, complex marketing processes of the past. We've redefined simplicity for you.

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Harness Cutting-Edge AI: Our digital marketing automation tool isn't just smart; it's genius. With the integration of advanced AI, bots, and GPT technology, envision a 24/7 marketing team tirelessly working to elevate your IV Therapy's visibility and client engagement.

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Lead Generation

Revolutionize Your Client Acquisition: Our system doesn't just generate leads; it magnetizes your ideal clients. No more outdated advertising methods. Receive real-time notifications of qualified leads directly to your device.

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Email Campaigns

Personalized Engagement at Its Best: Our email campaigns are tailored to resonate with your target audience. Showcase the diverse range of treatments your IV Therapy offers, creating a bond of trust and anticipation with every message.

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Messaging Automation

Meet Clients Where They Are: Our messaging automation ensures you're always in touch, fostering meaningful interactions on platforms your clients frequent.

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Missed Call Text Back Feature

Never Miss an Opportunity: We understand the demands of your profession. Our AI-driven missed call text back feature ensures you capture every lead, even during your busiest moments.

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Multiple Funnels

Multiple Funnels give you the ability to craft multiple offers, capture leads, and convert opportunities into paying customers. Funnels are integrated with automations, calendars and pipelines.

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GPT AI Assistant

Start conversations with prospects that lead to action. Use ChatGPT to get the prospect talking then use the AI Booking Bot to set and finalize the appointment details. All on autopilot.

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Customer Onboarding Automation

On boarding can be a difficult process, that is unless you automate it. This snapshot includes an onboarding automation workflow that makes bringing on new customers easy.

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Sales Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video will make you money, especially if it's a sales video. Warm up your prospect with the Video Sales Letter that's included with your snapshot.

Why Join Us?

Additional Services

All-In-One Marketing Suite: Beyond automation, we offer an intuitive webpage design service, expert sales copywriting, and comprehensive CRM management tools. Streamline your operations, focus on delivering exceptional treatments, and let us handle the rest.

Limited Availability

Exclusive Opportunity: To guarantee unparalleled service and dedication, we're capping the number of IV Therapy providers we onboard in each region. This is your chance to be among the elite. Secure your spot now.

Get It Today!

Ready to Transform Your IV Therapy's Future? Schedule a demo with us today. Witness firsthand the transformative power of our system. Embrace the future, attract a deluge of clients, and set your IV Therapy apart.

Don't Wait!

The Clock is Ticking: While competitors grapple with outdated methods, you have the chance to leap ahead. The future of IV Therapy marketing is here. Act now, or risk being left behind.

Snapshot Includes:


High Converting Special Offer Lead Funnel

Appointment Calendar

Multi-Stage Pipeline

Database Reactivation Offer Workflow

Chat Widget Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

FB Lead Form Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Instagram DM Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

GBP Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Web Forms Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Tap To Text Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Missed Call Text-Back Lead Nurture Workflow

Zappier Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Appointment Scheduling Workflow

Appointment Confirmation Workflow

Appointment Cancellation Workflow

No Show Appointment Workflow

Database Reactivation Lead Nurture Workflow

Review Management Workflow

Deadline Email Sequence Workflow

12 Holiday Lead Nurture Workflow

Birthday Promo Nurture Workflow

Inbound Lead Form

Unsubscribe Workflow

Inbound Lead Form

Custom Tags

Custom Fields

Custom Values


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About Us

Driven by Excellence:

With years of expertise in online marketing & automation, we're not just providers;

we're partners in your success.

Our commitment is to see your business thrive.


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What is a GoHighLevel Snapshot

Essentially, a Go HighLevel Snapshot is a replica of a GoHighLevel account that can be transferred to a different account using a distinct link. Through a snapshot, one can replicate the entirety of a HighLevel account within a new one.

How do I upload a snapshot to GHL?

To transfer a snapshot via email, adhere to these instructions: Log into Our Platform through your browser. Find the email with the snapshot attached. Select the Click here link inside the email. Finalize the import by pressing Yes! Import Now.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Snapshot After I Place My Order

Some of the process is automated. However, for your security and ours, we will need to embed your Agency ID into each snapshot we send you which is presently a manual process. This means it could take up to one business day to receive the snapshot. However, most of the time you'll receive everything shortly after you place your order.

How does the AI in the system work?

Our AI integrates advanced algorithms, bots, and GPT technology to optimize marketing efforts, ensuring you're always a step ahead in client engagement."

Can I resell The Snapshot?

Yes, so long as it is used within your agency. Each snapshot is registered to your agency and may be used by any sub-account within your agency.

To sell Snapshots outside of your agency and earn commissions, register to become a Snapshot Sales Affiliate HERE.

Does Each Snapshot Really Come With Everything Listed Above?

Yes! Snapshots are custom made to each Niche. Some niches require more automation, and some require less. All snapshots come with everything listed above however, some may have a little more.

What Kind of Support Do You Provide

We've worked hard to make our products easy to use and we include (what we think are) clear instructions and/or explainer videos. But if you need additional help, we are available by email, video chat, or instant message to help in any way we can. Our goal is to deliver in abundance. We want you to refer others to us. Plus, it's the right thing to do.

Can you do custom modifications on my snapshot?

Yes. In many cases, we can make a quick edit and shoot it over to you at no charge. However, anything that takes more than about 5 minutes, we're happy to do for you on a professional service basis.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or we will continue delivering until YOU say we've delivered what we said we'd deliver. Our only goal is to make you happy. Our proof of your satisfaction is a FIVE STAR REVIEW.


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