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Function Specific Snapshots

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Buy them Separately and pay $3,523


Buy them all together as a bundle and pay just $1,497 now!

Snapshots Include:

In addition to the base Niche Snapshot,

you're also getting a multitude of additional snapshots and other valuable bonuses.

1 Niche Pack

Cancelled Appointment Workflow

Abandon Cart Workflow

Database Reactivation Offer Workflow

FB Messenger Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Chat Widget Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Instagram DM Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Google My Business Inbound Nurture Workflow

Appointment Scheduling Workflow

No Show Appointment Workflow

Database Reactivation Lead Nurture Workflow

Chatbot Autoresponder Workflow

Web Forms Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Tap To Text Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Missed Call Text-Back Lead Nurture Workflow

Zappier Inbound Lead Nurture Workflow

Appointment Calendar

Niche Specific Funnel

4 Stage Pipeline

Deadline Email Sequence Workflow

3 Niche Pack

Everything In One Niche Pack PLUS:

12 Holiday Lead Nurture Workflow

Birthday Promo Nurture Workflow

1 year long Nurture Sequence Workflow

Referral Marketing Workflow

SaaS 101 ChatGPT Course

350 Clickfunnel Style Funnel Templates

10 Niche Pack

Everything In Five Niche Pack PLUS:

5 year long Nurture Sequence Workflow

365 Weird National Holiday Nurture Workflow

30 Custom Values

30 Custom Fields

Abandon Cart Workflow

Niche Specific VSL videos

Agency Leadgen Sales Scripts

On Demand Class/Webinar Funnel



0 Leads &

0 Pipeline Value


6 Leads &

$60,000 Pipeline Value


0 Leads &

0 Pipeline Value


6 Leads &

$80,000 Pipeline Value


0 Leads &

0 Pipeline Value


14 Leads &

$140,000 Pipeline Value

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Question: What is the pricing for these Snapshots?

Answer: Pricing varies based on the package. A single niche Snapshot costs $297, a 3-niche pack is $497, and a 10-niche pack is $997. These prices are for lifetime access, providing value for both small and large-scale operations.

Question: Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

Answer: There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The commitment is to deliver until you are satisfied with what has been promised, with the ultimate goal being your happiness and a positive review.

Question: Can I resell the Snapshots?

Answer: Snapshots can be resold within your agency to any sub-account. For external sales, you need to register as a Snapshot Sales Affiliate, allowing you to earn commissions on these sales.

Question: Do Snapshots come with updates?

Answer: Snapshots include free lifetime upgrades. This means any new functionality or feature added to a niche automation will be available to its buyers for the lifetime of the product.

Question: Are there any bonuses included with a purchase?

Answer: Bonuses include a SaaS 101 ChatGPT Course, 350 funnel templates, an interactive video onboarding & training checklist, and more, depending on the package purchased.

Question: How long does it take to receive a Snapshot after purchase?

Answer: Delivery typically takes up to one business day due to manual processing for security purposes. However, most of the bonuses are available shortly after the purchase.

Question: Can Snapshots be used for any size of business?

Answer: Yes, they are suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small local agencies to larger enterprises. The scalability and customization options make them adaptable to various business needs.

Can I resell The Snapshot?

Yes, so long as it is used within your agency. Each snapshot is registered to your agency and may be used by any sub-account within your agency.

To sell Snapshots outside of your agency and earn commissions, register to become a Snapshot Sales Affiliate HERE.

Does Each Snapshot Really Come With Everything Listed Above?

Snapshots are custom made to each Niche. Some niches require more automation, and some require less. Most snapshots come with everything listed above however, some may have a little less and some may have a little more. All Snapshots come with the bonuses listed above.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Snapshot After I Place My Order

Some of the process is automated. However, for your security and ours, we will need to embed your Agency ID into each snapshot we send you which is presently a manual process. This means it could take up to one business day to receive the snapshot. However, most of the bonuses will be available shortly after you place your order.

What Kind of Support Do You Provide

We've worked hard to make our products easy to use and we include (what we think are) clear instructions and explainer videos. But if you need additional help, we are available by email, video chat, or instant message to help in any way we can. Our goal is to deliver in abundance. We want you to refer others to us. Plus, it's the right thing to do.

Can you do custom modifications on my snapshot?

Yes. In many cases, we can make a quick edit and shoot it over to you at no charge. However, anything that takes more than about 5 minutes, we're happy to do for you on a professional service basis.

Satisfaction Guarantee

You satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or we will continue delivering until YOU say we've delivered what we said we'd deliver. Our only goal is to make you happy. Our proof of your satisfaction is a FIVE STAR REVIEW.

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